Le pseudocide, ou l’art de feindre sa propre mort

Un papier assez fou et passionnant de Gizmodo sur un sujet que je ne connaissais absolument pas : le « pseudocide » ou l’art de feindre sa propre mort.

The idea of separating one’s life into ‘living’ and ‘dead’ portions, or just faking a death generally, may seem unfathomable to many of us. In some cases, of course, people who feel cornered into pseudocide never explain their reasoning at all, whether in connection to their ‘past’ lives or the ones they hope to start anew.

As far as public record is concerned, it is still unknown why, for one, Nashville attorney William Grothe, who left his car and belongings scattered around before he called authorities claiming to be his own murderer, felt pushed to that extreme. Authorities quickly unraveled the ruse, and he was given five years’ probation, 32 hours of community service a month, and an order to pay $13,000 for the cost of the government’s search.

With regard to his behavior, Grothe reportedly testified at trial, “I went down to Shelby Park, parked my car, went through what in my mind was a ritual of exactly how I felt, dead to the world.”

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